I have experienced losing paper airline tickets I tend to panic…

If you lose your ticket .

If you lose your ticket ... just put things that you should never lose, where you put it! It is! It is! It is also often to panic. I do not basically reissue air tickets, do they? I put tickets etc. of bullet trains into wallets, not limited to air tickets. If you put it in your wallet it is no doubt first! It is! I am thinking. But, if I lose it, I am very impatient. It is a panic when you notice it just before. Even if you give up reissue and buy again, there are things that you can not take in full. It is different from Shinkansen. Go on a trip If you notice lost before departing, you will find a house and look for them. If you still can not find it, I will give up and cancel the lost seat and buy a new ticket again. A few days ago it is also possible. If you notice lost at the airport on that day ... this is the worst. Establishing seats for new purchases may be less. I will consult with the airline for the time being. Cancellation charges will be incurred when canceling tickets, so maybe you should consult an airline company. I have heard that you may be able to refund the newly purchased ticket fee when you can confirm that the lost ticket is not in use. If you lost your return ticket at your destination ... sometimes you dropped it somewhere. I do not even know if this is another seat. I have no choice but to contact an airline company to consult. I feel that I can not do anything in any case. I mean you can not lose that much. However, in preparation for a moment of time, you should take note of the ticket number of the ticket, date of issue, flight number, issuing company and so on. However, because there are things like dropping it down or being stolen, I think that the air ticket should be exchanged at the airport. Print out a voucher or now, since the mobile is popular, OK if you show a confirmation email on the mobile? Even at the time of passport check, I think that it is certain that I will give you the information at the time of purchase and the air ticket prepared by checking my passport ... on the spot. It is best to pay sufficient attention so as not to lose it.

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